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"La Brenne", a region worth discovering :

Visiting “La Brenne” will let you recharge your batteries: located at the heart of France, it is a stop for migrating birds. Plenty of marked paths will guide you through a wild nature that is being protected since 1989 by the “Brenne Natural Park”, with the help of the local cattle breeders, farmers, goat cheese producers, and fish pond owners. Come see the wild flora and birds, watch the traditional housing in red sandstone, and marvel at the impressive and ever-changing skies.


You know spring has come when the cranes fly by. Life wakes up from its wintery slumber: European pond turtles poke their heads out of the water. At dusk, frogs and toads croak to give you a private concert. Various orchids blossom in specific places. And migrating birds make their comeback: various gulls and ducks alongside geese. Herons walk slowly by the water, looking for the next fish they will catch.

La cistude de Brenne
Une orchidée
Un héron près d'un étang


In the summer, the wildlife is booming: water lilies take over the fishing ponds while lapwing hordes swarm the fields. Everything is living together in harmony, as the cows and cattle egrets can attest.

Les nénuphars de la Brenne
Un vanneau
Un héron garde boeufs


Mist covers the ponds in the morning. It is the season for deer rut walking.

En septembre et octobre venez écouter le Brame du Cerf La brume se lève sur ce paysage magnifique de la Brenne


Ponds are frozen, frost covers the flora, the animals are hiding. It looks like time has stopped.

L'observatoire Ricot de la réserve de chérine en hiver on voit les étangs gelés et leurs bondes

Skies of "La Brenne"

You will find a particular light in “La Brenne”. The ponds mirror the sky. Come once and you will come back!

Les ciels de la brenne ciels de la brenne

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What you need to bring :

  • Binoculars
  • Walking shoes
  • Bikes


Pond Draining and Fishing

Every year, from All Saints Day to late February, ponds are drained and professional fishermen catch the following fish with a special net: carps, perch, pikes, zander, tench and roach. It is highly spectacular: tons of fish wriggle before your eyes.

Pêche d'étang au filet
Pêche d'étang au filet
Pêche d'étang au filet
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